Wait, I Can Explain Everything

Here's the short form:  

I've been a professional illustrator for over 25

years--there, you're all nice and caught up.


Some more details:

 My clients have included Marvel and DC Comics (I've worked on virtually every major character in the DC Universe at one time or another), Broadway Comics,  Walt Disney Animation, Celestial Pictures (Hong Kong), MTV, Smoke Magazine, Little Planet Publishing, Foran Films, Cinebop Ltd, Geffen Records (I contributed to the artwork for the cover of Genius/GZA's platinum-selling album Liquid Swords), Danger Pigeon Studios, LLC., Go Creative (Magnet Harlequin), and Analog Shift (I  illustrated the serialized graphic novel 'The Adventures of Jed Rex: Crush Depth'  for the online magazine Shiftedmag.com).  I am currently doing the artwork for Volume Three of 'The Jekyll Island Chronicles' for Top Shelf Productions (publishing in summer of 2020).  I was a co-founder and editor of the Monekysuit Comics Anthologies (2000-2005), and I drew the animated interstitials for the Broadway production of 'Avenue Q'.  My publications include: Survival Machine (Stories) (Monkeysuit Press, 2002), The Making of a Graphic Novel  (Watson-Guptill, 2006), How to Draw Sci-fi Utopias and Dystopias (The Monacelli Press, 2016), and The Furnace (graphic novel, Tor Books,  July 2018).  I'm represented by Bob Mecoy of Creative Book Services, New York.

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