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How to Draw Sci-fi Heroes and Villains

From Monacelli Studio/Phaidon, 2023.  220 pages, fully-coloured, richly illustrated, featuring 2 stunning 3-page foldouts.  With additional narrative text by Jacqueline Ching.

How to Draw Sci-fi Heroes and Villains is the sequel to my 2016 How to Draw Sci-fi Utopias and Dystopias. The book is all about brainstorming and designing outlandish characters--humans, aliens, robots, cyborgs, the works.  My basic approach was to create two teams of nine characters each--the Alpha Union (good guys) and the Omega Legion (bad guys).  The result is a gorgeous, giftable book for those 12 and up--but anyone who loves sci-fi will dig this.  It's centrepiece is 2 3-page foldouts showing both teams in glorious action.  Enjoy the images presented here!

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