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Joining the crew of 'The Jekyll Island Chronicles'.

Happy to announce that I'm doing the artwork for Volume Three of The Jekyll Island Chronicles for Top Shelf Productions--thanks to creators Steve Nedvidek, Ed Crowell, and Jack Lowe for bringing my on board. Steve introduced himself to me at San Diego Comicon in July of 2018, and it was pretty much kismet right from the start. The graphic novel series is sci-fi alt-history; between the two World Wars, a team of empowered heroes, including Nicola Tesla and Henry Ford (but NO MUTANTS!), fight a withering, secret war with international terrorists/anarchists bent on world domination. It's action-packed, thought-provoking, (sadly) topical, all done with a loving attention to the details of actual history and with a dieselpunk slant. All right up my alley--this is the sort of thing I've wanted to sink my teeth into for a long time, and I'm very excited to be involved (not to mention it's from Top Shelf, one of the most highly-regarded indie-publishers out there!). Target pub-date of Volume Three: summer of 2020. Volumes One and Two are available at:

The Usual Suspects: (most of) the cast of 'The Jekyll Island Chronicles'--this is the first piece of finished art I've done for the series. I took the established look of the characters from Volumes One and Two, and gave them a more realistic, detailed interpretation.

My re-design of the prosthetic legs for the character Peter Karovik. Shooting for an equal blend of form and function, coolness and plausibility--with a touch of 1920's art deco aesthetic!

My take on the electrically-gifted Helen Huxley and Charles Proteus Steinmetz, two of the team members. Steinmetz was an actual person, a brilliant mathematician and engineer

More images/updates to follow!

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