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THE FURNACE, my debut graphic novel (7 years in the making), was published by Tor Books in 2018.

Walton Honderich, a middle-aged physicist circa 2050, is forced to come to terms with his youthful involvement in a crime against humanity: the devolopment of a means of incarceration that reduces prisoners to the status of living ghosts.  THE FURNACE is a sci-fi story about a dark and looming possibility, an examination of the pitfalls of parenthood, and a uniquely American horror story. 

From THE WASHINGTON POST (July 6, 2018):


Washington Post.jpg

Prentis Rollins creates a future uncomfortably around the corner, and populates it with very human people confronting themselves and their destinies.  You can feel a lifetime of craft at making comics stretching into something more.

--PAUL LEVITZ, writer, former Publisher, DC Comics

Prentis Rollins introduces a brilliant idea waiting to happen and shows us the consequences of removing the humanity from science and the cost it has on one’s soul. THE FURNACE does what the best science fiction should, it gives us a glimpse into the world of tomorrow while keeping us deeply invested in the relatable emotional journey of its main characters.



I have been a fan of Rollins' for years and he hasn't missed a step.  It's a great critique of technology and the human condition, the prison industrial complex, and the profound traumas that scar us but can also make us stronger.

--JOHN JENNINGS, Artist of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler's Kindred.



IDW/TOPSHELF in the summer of 2021.

This is the final instalment of the award-winning epic sci-fi graphic novel series.  It's 1923, and Nicola Tesla is leading his team of high-powered patriots into a final battle against Zeno, an organisation of anarchists bent on toppling the world order.  And Zeno has at its disposal a super weapon Tesla himself designed. Packed with action, romance, and daring sci-fi speculation, this is an explosive

wrap-up to Topshelf's alt-history masterpiece.



An alternative history steampunk treasure.


The best comics for the classroom foster and develop 21st-Century literacies.  The Jekyll Island Chronicles

is a rare example of this type of comic--I recommend it to educators who want to further combine learning

and creativity!


The JIC can satisfy your curiosity and blow your mind with previously unknown facts, all while entertaining you...


JIC Vol 3 Cover.  Colors_ Jason Scott Jo
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