Collection: NFT's

I’m delighted to be entering the world of digital assets, and hope that collectors will find the ones I’m putting on offer appealing.  I aim to provide very high quality collectibles, along with lots of value-enhancing add-ons.

I’ve spent a great deal of time in Hong Kong; it’s one of my favorite cities, and a source of endless aesthetic inspiration for me.  The five images I’m putting on offer represent my speculative vision of Hong Kong in the years 2080, 2150, 2250, 2320, and 2400.

Each of the three images will be a limited edition of 300 each.  The buyers will receive the NFT, plus: a signed physical print of the NFT, a signed copy of either ‘How to Draw Sci-fi Heroes and Villains’ or ‘How to Draw Sci-fi Utopias and Dystopias’ (they get to choose), and a free NFT of the page from ‘The Whirligig’.