Jekyll Island Chronicles Volume 3: A Last Call

I was on artists’ alley at the San Diego Comicon in 2018 when Steve Nedvidek introduced himself and asked if I was interested in drawing Volume Three of his graphic novel series  Jekyll Island Chronicles (from IDW/Top Shelf).  This was one of the rare occasions when a dream job dropped out of the sky and onto my lap.   It’s over 200 pages of glorious alt-history steampunk sci-fi—featuring Nikola Tesla and Henry Ford as members of a team of superpowered heroes headquartered in Georgia circa 1925, trying to save the world from a team of equally dangerous international anarchists.  This was the first project of its size that I did entirely digitally.  Colored by the brilliant SJ Miller, this one has it all—history, adventure, romance, and thought-provoking sci-fi.