The Furnace (A Graphic Novel)

The Furnace began as a short prose story I wrote in 2000 for a writers’ workshop in New York City.  In 2008 I decided to give it a graphic novel treatment—I worked on it sporadically over the next eight (!) years, and in 2018 I was delighted to have Tor Books publish it.  It tells the story of Walton Honderich, an aging physicist wracked by guilt over his youthful involvement with what turned out to be a crime against humanity: a new method of incarcerating prisoners, whereby the prisoners are released back into society, but are followed by floating drones which render them invisible and incapable of interacting with others.  The human disaster which ensues haunts Honderich for the rest of his life, and the story is meant to haunt readers with its examination of the surveillance state and the dangers of scientific hubris and unbridled ambition. 

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